Nokia PureView wins Best Imaging Innovation award from TIPA

Nokia’s PureView technology on the 808 has been pretty darn impressive so far. So impressive infact, that it has already won an apart for Best Imaging Innovation from the TIPA (Technical Image Press Association).

Even though the phone’s not actually released yet, the TIPA loved the sensor on the Nokia 808 PureView. Best Camera phone ever? Sure looks like it! A spokesperson at TIPA said:

In the 808 PureView incarnation we appreciated the extra large sensor – by camera phone standards (1/1.2 inch) – with the huge 41MP resolution and the ingenious way this resolution is exploited (by oversampling) to supply lossless zooming. In this way Nokia has overcome one of the main drawbacks of camera phones, i.e. unsatisfactory performance with zoom.

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