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Nokia bringing in-demand Symbian features to Windows Phone

Yes Please. Nokia is apparently working on getting the most-requested features from former Symbian customers, into the Lumia windows phones.

Many legacy Nokia users have been turned off the new operating system, because of the lack of many Symbian-standard featured, like being able to Bluetooth out anything. The irony in this, I tell ya. The Lumia feature set will soon include “Wi-Fi hotspot tethering capabilities; Vcard sending and receiving, which turns out to be the most often requested capability from existing Symbian users; data voice and messaging tracking capability for cost control; panorama image capabilities that stitch together multiple images to create a great photographic experience; and the introduction of a DLNA client for television connectivity” according to CEO Stephen Elop, in an interview with PCMag.

Nokia have permission to tweak the windows phone OS, so they’ve managed to release seperate apps which do the job so far. Hopefully other features of Symbian, like USB Mass Storage and HDMI-out will come along some time.

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