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Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 – Screenshot & Video Tour


In a surprising move, Nokia released the Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 update for the Nokia 603, 700 & 701 Over the Air yesterday. If you own any of these 3 phones, I suggest you open the SW Update app on your phone & update to Feature Pack 1 right away!

Here are some of the major changes introduced with the Feature Pack 1 update :

  • Processor speed bumped from 1GHz to 1.3GHz
  • Dolby Mobile 3.0 with Dolby Headphones support
  • New Multitasking UI
  • New Widgets
  • New Web Browser
  • New Maps Suite

Apart from these major changes, there are various neat tweaks & modifications to Nokia Belle which take the user experience to another level! Here is a video tour by Cj introducing you to Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1, followed by a screenshot tour highlighting the various new tweaks & changes brought about by Feature Pack 1.

Video –


Screenshots –


Scr000002 (300x533)


New Widgets

Scr000044 (300x533)Scr000045 (300x533)

Scr000046 (300x533)Scr000047 (300x533)


Menu Layout along with new Search for the apps. With FP1, the apps aren’t arranged alphabetically, instead you are presented with the keyboard directly, where you can start searching for the apps.

Scr000051Scr000042 (300x533)

Scr000043 (300x533)


The new look web browser, with a new UI for the Bookmarks, Most Visited & History lists.

Scr000006 (300x533)Scr000007 (300x533)

Scr000008 (300x533)Scr000041 (300x533)


The Notifications drop down bar has been modified to categorize Notifications & Activities, with Notifications getting a priority along with an option to clear them.

Scr000023 (300x533)


Here is the new look Multitasking UI offering full size previews of the running apps, instead of small squares.

Scr000013 (300x533)


The following updates are available when you start the Nokia Store for the first time.

Scr000001 (300x533)


The mail app has been updated with what was provided in Microsoft Apps 1.0 previously.

Scr000017 (300x533)Scr000018 (300x533)


There have been some changes in the Messages app as well. Incoming messages show up with Blue background now.

Scr000029 (300x533)Scr000035 (300x533)


The music player now supports Dolby Mobile 3.0 with Dolby Headphone support.

Scr000040 (300x533)Scr000038 (300x533)


Pop Up notifications have been moved to the top of the screen in the form of toast notifications. No more annoying in your face pop ups!

Scr000048 (300x533)Scr000036 (300x533)

Scr000037 (300x533)


The options menu all over has been given the Qt Quick Components UI. Not a fan of this new look!

Scr000034 (300x533)


Settings app has been optimized better for touch now, to make use of the entire screen.Scr000053


There is a new category in Settings called Privacy with the following options. Going down a safer “Path” Nokia?



You saw the new Mobile data tracker in the New Widgets screenshots earlier. This is the detailed Mobile Data Tracker section in the settings.


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  • ajeet

    I updated at nokia care but the product code does not match with my phones product code…As a result google search bar is missing in th browser…and off bitton is available in the camera sound setting. How can I get the google option in the search bar

    • http://plus.google.com/109571250522981416300/posts Yash Maheshwari

      Ajeet, event on my 701 Google is not available as an option for the browser based search. I will have to investigate more to confirm if Nokia has removed the Google search option or now.

  • Deaconclgi

    Thank you for the pictures and overview. I can’t wait to get a 808 Pureview with FP1 and future enhancements.

  • Malc

    Shame that this not available to the N8.

    • ccsvchost

      you can get a custom firmware which gives you all this…

    • http://plus.google.com/109571250522981416300/posts Yash Maheshwari

      Quite a few of the FP1 elements will be coming to the N8 & other 1st gen S^3 devices in a Value pack sort of update for Belle Malc.

  • Cleo Chris Cacayan

    Nice overview of the Nokia Belle FP1. Very detailed. But I would like to ask, how does the “1 new message” SMS pop-up appear now on Belle FP1? Before in Belle, it pop-ups on the center of the screen, just like the one on your screenshot (I assume it’s from What’sApp). Does it? now show on top of the screen as “toast notifications”, like the other pop-up notifications (e.g. USB Connected, Charging, No connections available, etc…)? It would be nice if it is that way, so that there are no more “in your face” pop-ups. Any reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • http://plus.google.com/109571250522981416300/posts Yash Maheshwari

      Unfortunately, the SMS & Missed call alerts still show up like in Belle. I too wish they used the new Toast notifications.

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  • ali

    i hve bought nokia 603 …firstly it worked vry nicely..but suddenly wht came into my mind ,i update nokia belle fp1 to nokia belle fp2…its not wrking good , camera take some time to open .and its features sucks….plz can any1 tell m how can i undo/ remove this update and go back to its original belle fp1…..
    i didnt use backup option before updating………