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Video: iPad In Portrait Mode While Wearing Polarized Sunglasses = Blank Screen

If you wear polarized sunglasses and happen to have an iPad, you can forget using the Apple Tablet in portrait mode while wearing them apparently. When wearing polarizes sunglasses, the iPad’s screen appears completely blacked out when using it in portrait mode, and can only be used again in Landscape. Seriously! Check the video out below for a better idea:

Funny stuff, eh? The iPad is the only tablet that has this phenomenon, since other manufacturers have set the “extinction” of the screen to 45 degrees or put in compensating films to avoid the problem. According to Screen expert Ray Soneira from DisplayMate:

Using polarized sunglasses all iPads go black in Portrait mode. Other displays go black in Landscape mode. Much better is for the manufacturer to set the extinction at 45 degrees so the display looks good in both Portrait and Landscape modes. The Motorola Xoom behaves this way. Best of all, with compensating films this effect can go away almost entirely.

The iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy Tab have no extinction at any angle (just a small color shift). The effect should only apply to LCDs because they use polarized light internally. So OLEDs also should not show any such extinction effect.

Not really that big of a deal, and it’s not like you can actually see the iPad’s screen very well under direct sunlight anyway. Still interesting though, heh.

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