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Google Search app for Windows Phone updated with new design

Google just updated their official Google Search App for Windows Phone, bringing along a new design.

There’s also a couple features thrown in, like:-

  • Google Autocomplete: As you type in your search, our autocomplete feature offers search predictions that often match your intended search term making search entry easier and faster.
  • Voice Search: With our voice feature, you can avoid typing all together. Simply press the microphone and begin speaking your query.
  • My Location: With your permission, Google can use your device location to provide nearby results easily and accurately. For instance, a search for “coffee shops” quickly displays the nearest places you can go to for a cup of coffee.

Available in the U.S only for some strange reason. Weird, even though I’m all the way in India, I have the app installed on my HD7 but couldnt find it on my Nokia Lumia. Bummer.

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