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Video: Nokia has an internal six-screen “Agora” Social Media Visualizer

Remember how I kept saying Nokia was super active at Social Media? Well as part of their commitment, the company has a massive tool that harnesses the huge amount of daily social media discussion about the brand into one visual platform, called “Agora” (meaning place of meeting, in Greek apparently). If you’re interested in social media, here’s a little video by Nokia showing off their awesome tool:

Agora, a social visualizer and conversation tool, brings online conversations to life in a new way at Nokia. With the help of Agora, employees from all across the company can come together to discuss, engage and understand the impact that social media is having on Nokia’s brand and products.

In ancient Greece, Agora was an open meeting area where citizens could come together, receive the latest news, and ultimately go away more informed. Nokia’s Agora is a 21st century replication of this. It is a physical manifestation of Nokia’s commitment to social media.

Agora is a Social Visualiser made up of six wide-screen LCD screens that brings together conversation, insight and consumer device activity about the Nokia brand in a real-time and easily digestible format.

The creation of Agora is the first time multiple listening systems have been brought together, implemented globally, and delivered in a visual format that makes content and data suitable for a wide range of diverse Nokia audiences. This allows Nokia to put social listening at the centre of its global business, with all of its workforce having access to this unique continuous insight so they can develop their brand and devices to fit in with the needs of its customers.

Know any other companies in the mobile industry that have something similar?