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iPhone user disgusted by it, turns to the behemoth Galaxy Note [Hilarious]

First was the iOS versus Android war, and now it’s Samsung vs Apple. More recently, it’s big versus small with the Korean company pitching their Samsung Galaxy Note as the next big thing.

Everyone’s got their own preferences but this tongue-in-cheek article by The TechBlock about Samsung’s behemoth Galaxy Note is right on, ridiculing the iPhone 4 for being “laughably small” and “all-too practical” and praising the Note for it’s immense size and weight among other things.

I’m a big fan of sarcasm on the internet, and that image of Samsung’s 5.3-inch phone-tablet hanging on the wall, TV-style made me laugh out loud fo realz, so I thought this was definitely worth sharing. Check out the entire post at the source below.

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