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iPads in China confiscated by customs officers over trademark dispute

According to Chinese newspaper Hebei Youth Daily 45 iPads have been confiscated from retailers in China, by the Administration Industry and Commerce (AIC) officers.

The sudden seizure is due to a trademark dispute between Apple and Proview over the iPad name, with a Chinese court appeal ruling against Apple’s claim to the name ‘iPad’ in December last year. The tablets were seized at markets in Shijiazhuang, which is the capital of the Hebei province in China. Some reports are indicating that most retailers have hidden their stocks and will still sell iPads to customers under-the-table so to speak.

Apple China’s online store still shows all iPads in Stock, and some reports are that other areas in China outside of Hebei still have the iPad on display and being sold. Apple has not commented on the seizures just yet, but I’d imagine Cupertino is not going to be very pleased with this.

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