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Nokia Luna Headset Commercial shows Red and Green Lumia 800s coming

Right, so I was doing a bit of snooping around when I found this new commercial for the Nokia Luna Headset on Youtube:

The commercial uses the new Nokia DubStep remix from their contest, and shows the new Lumia Windows Phones in conjunction with the Luna headset. But what is most interesting, is that there seems to be a Red and Green Lumia 800 towards the end of the video:

I’ve seen a lot of folks asking for a red Lumia 800, so if this turns out to be true, it’ll make some folks pretty happy.

The ad seems quite well made to be a fan-made video, but is by a user ‘AdContentMedia‘ so the possibility that is not an official video is also present. Still, the Nokia N8 was available in tons of colors, so there’s no reason the Finnish giant wouldnt want to release the Lumia 800, their new Windows Phone, in various colors as well, eh? There’s already the White, Black, Cyan and Magenta Lumia 800s, with a rumored Yellow variant coming as well. Throw in Red and Green into that mix as well.