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T-Mobile Astound will not be updated to Nokia Belle

Nokia US informed everybody on Twitter that the T-Mobile Astound, which is the Nokia C7’s variant for the United States, will not be updated to Nokia Belle.

T-Mobile Astound was last updated to Symbian Anna in November, but will sadly not see Nokia Belle. We can see T-Mobile’s point in not going ahead with the update though. Nokia Belle is a major update, and with Astound being the only Symbian phone in their portfolio, it doesn’t make much sense for them to invest in supporting another OS.

  • Stoli89

    That’s too bad, especially when one is on a 2 year contract. That being said, people can also download the latest generic Belle firmware using Navifirm and then flash the phone using Phoenix. It’s certainly a bit of a work, but with Belle the Astound owners will also get NFC capability. Definitely worth upgrading to this version, IMO.

  • Clinton Jeff

    If I were a T-Mobile Astound user who bought one on that two year contract, I’d be pissed. Just sayin.

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  • elvis

    Belle for Astound

  • robbie

    next time when you find a story be sure to add a link where you got it from.

    • Clinton Jeff

      Eh? Yash posted this when he noticed it himself. We were the first to break the story. Kinda hard to get ‘it from’ anyone if we broke it, eh? :o)

    • Yash Maheshwari

      Why link when you can embed the source from where you got the story?