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Samsung India send out Omnia W branded Taxis that park outside Nokia Stores

Dang I got an email about this a couple days ago but was all festive and forgot to post it.

What do you do if your company is notorious for ripping off designs and ideas from other mobile manufacturers? Apparently you do it again, if this Samsung Omnia W branded Taxi means anything at all.

In response to the Lumia branded Taxis being send out by Nokia India, Samsung have sent out their own versions of the taxis but are parking them outside Nokia stores. I suppose it’s a good sign that Samsung is taking Windows Phone seriously in the country. Their Omnia W is (in my opinion) better spec’ed than the similarly priced Lumia 710.

On one hand I’m kinda secretly happy to see such in-your-face marketing tactics here in India, but I dont think Samsung was a brand that necessarily needed to try this hard. What do you think?

[via MNB]