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[VIDEO] The Coolest Mobile UI You Have Ever Seen: Will Run On Your Android Device One Day

tsf pro

Android devices, known for their customization, have a lot of skins out there. There is stock Android, TouchWiz, MotoBlur, Sense UI, MIUI, SBP Shell, Launcher Pro, ADW Ex, Go Launcher and the list goes on.

Chinese Developers The Special Force (TSF) have released a video of their upcoming TSF Shell Pro 3D Launcher. This is unlike any launcher I have seen before. Check out the video to see what I’m talking about:

Here are some of its features.

Quick Screen Switcher

  • Customize screens and position freely icons/widget
  • Tap or slide to switch

3D Widget

  • Music player, contacts, notes, weather forecast…
    etc. Unique interactive mode and animation are
    created for your original experience.

Folder Boxs

  • Various management and view modes,
    tapping/fanning out to open folder boxes,
    individual/multi file selection and lasso tool.

Pop up menu

  • Use the lasso tool to activate the pop up menu to
    realize auto arrangement,create new folder,
    multi selection,gathering icons or delete icons.

Quick launch bar

  • To keep commonly used applications
    and contacts that can be opened
    quickly on every screen.


  • To download new widgets,
    decorations and latest updated
    application versions.


As of now there is no ETA, but it shouldn’t be too long before (hopefully) public betas come out.

(via AndroidPolice)

  • Corwin_amber

    Rly, who needs that? Way too complicated!

    • Chris

      Exactly. To a small minority of geeks, this customization, tweaking and “re-shuffling of the deck” is important (and don’t get me wrong, I think its kinda cool). But to the masses, which Nokia is addressing with WP7, they have no interest in this. They just want to CONNECT to what is important to them (mostly centered around social with location and business aspects next).

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  • Juan Carlos

    So much customization should not be integrated into the OS itself.. To most users this would be way to much to go about.. Instead, this should be built separate to one of the many theme programs or skins.. This seems like it puts too much into the OS itself and might even make the phone slow. Plus the art is too candy like.. But maybe its just me.