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[Update: Nope still Exclusive] Nokia Drive and Maps to be available as paid apps for non-Nokia Windows Phones

Nokia India just confirmed on Twitter that Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps, will be available for Non-Nokia Windows Phones…. for a price.

So far Nokia has been saying that the voice navigation app will be exclusive to Nokia Windows Phones, but it looks like that’s not the case at all. When we asked at the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone launch here in Delhi, Nokia denied any other OEMs would get their software, but at today’s Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Blogger meet in Bangalore, the company apparently told bloggers just that.

Makes sense though. But then again it does make Nokia’s Windows phones even less exclusive.


[via: Nokia India on Twitter RT @portableworld]

Update: Sorry guys. We just got contacted by Nokia India to clarify things. Looks like the guys at @MyPortableWorld misinterpreted what the Nokia India representative said. Nokia Drive will still be a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone exclusive, but Nokia Maps would be available for non-Nokia hardware. False alarm!