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Verizon Won’t Be Getting Galaxy S II

Bad Verizon

In a move that is bound to enrage a lot of users, Verizon will not be carrying the super hit Galaxy S II. When a blog like Engadget calls it ‘the best smartphone ever‘ over the iPhone 4, you know the device is special. Sadly, Verizon users won’t get to see for themselves.

Samsung is going to announce its US plans for the Galaxy S II on Monday, 29th August in NYC. It is rumoured that Verizon users will get the Samsung Stratosphere, which will be similar to the slideout QWERTY cousin of the Galaxy S, the Epic 4G. However, Sprint and T-Mobile will be getting the GSII.

Are you an angry Big Red subscriber? Or are you happy with getting a slideout QWERTY replacement instead?

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