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WhatsApp For S40: Detailed Walkthrough


Whatsapp is everyone’s favourite Mobile Instant Messaging App, and for good reason. Its one IM service that is available on a huge variety of platforms: iOS, Android, Blackberry and even Symbian. This effectively means that almost all smartphones available in the market are capable of running WhatsApp and can have free messaging between each other, as long as they have an internet connection. This independence from carriers and SMS charges has gone down extremely well with users, with millions and millions of people now using WhatsApp.

It does have some competitors: Blackberry Messenger, LiveProfile and soon to launch iMessaging. However, they lack the array of platforms WhatsApp is available on.

Nokia’s S40 devices have always sold in huge quantities in emerging markets. They are not smartphone devices and have lacked multitasking and real app support. However, a while back WhatsApp pleasantly surprised us all and announced a beta version of WhatsApp for S40.

Though it wasn’t easy, we found someone with a Nokia C3-00 and gave WhatsApp a spin on their device.

To install it, you have to fire up the S40 web browser and visit www.whatsapp.com. A mobile site opens up with a Download button and a 600Kb file downloads.

IMG_20110810_104946wtmk IMG_20110810_105015wtmk

Once installed, you can access it by opening Application, going to Extras  and opening the WhatsApp app.


I didn’t have too many expectations from the beta and was pleasantly surprised. On starting up the app, you are made to verify your number and input a Chat Name. Then you can set your WhatsApp status, as is common on smartphones.


IMG_20110810_105054wtmk IMG_20110810_105145wtmk

Now you can see which contacts from your phone book are already on WhatsApp from the options menu. Once you start chatting, a list of current open conversation is shown.

IMG_20110810_105035wtmk IMG_20110810_105027wtmk



While in a conversation, you can use the QWERTY keyboard’s various keys for shortcuts: r to reply, t to go to top, b to go to bottom. Definitely useful.



When you open a conversation, different contacts are listen in different colors. We were happy to see that S40 users can take part in group chats, though they cannot initiate a group chat themselves, yet.



While the app doesn’t allow S40 users to send media, saying that Sending Media will come soon, it is possible to view media that someone else sends, as shown below.

IMG_20110810_105243wtmk IMG_20110810_105228wtmk

Since this a beta, there is also an option to send feedback from the app itself. What we found most impressive was that lowly S40 phones now have MULTITASKING in this app! You can close the app and do something else and when someone messages you, it pops up as shown below.

\IMG_20110810_105452wtmk IMG_20110810_105111wtmk


So all in all, a surprisingly capable public beta of WhatsApp for S40. As off now it is only available for the X2-01 and the C3-00 (phew, Nokia’s naming conventions!). However support for more devices shouldn’t be to far. What is most significant is that S40 users have off late started getting tempted to switch to low end Android and Blackberry handsets to use WhatsApp and now that they can get it on their current device, is a plus for everyone.

Also, since it is available for Java running S40 devices, in theory this means that one fine day, WhatsApp could support Java phones off other, smaller brands. If WhatsApp becomes available as a download for all Java supported phones, it would be revolutionary. Everyone from the MicroMax budget phone user to the high end user would be on one messaging platform. It would ensure WhatsApp’s supremacy over other solutions that keep cropping up.

Are you an S40 user? Have you given WhatsApp a try? Again, fire up your phone web browser and visit www.whatsapp.com or follow this Ovi Store Link and be sure to tell us about your experience!


  • pradyumna madhav

    Hey. i’m having problems with whatsapp on my c3-00. the setup runs fine and it allwos me set a username etc. but when i start sending messages, it just shows a timer icon next to the messages and the messages never get sent. i have a working gprs connection.

    • Anonymous

      Make sure you are running a full EDGE connection and not a WAP connection. Eg: Vodafone Live! wont work but Vodafone Connect will work.

      • Ankit

        Is the connectivity solution same for nokia x2 01? because i have the same problem. it just shows a timer icon when i try to send messages.

  • ayse

    I have a problem with setting up whatsapp on my nokia c3 00. While it is setting up favorites, this message appears “setting up favorites failed java.io.IOException: 4-Error in HTTP operation. ” Any idea/suggestions how to solve it?

  • Sameet

    which is the latest version of whatsapp for nokia c3?

  • Kaustubh

    i downloaded whatsapp for my x3-02. I use it through my home wi-fi connection. It was working. Then for a few months, I didn’t use it. Then it gave a msg saying it has expired n asked me to download new version. So I did. But now it’s showing connection problem saying “packet data settings not found”.
    What should I do ?

    • nigel

      hey how did you download it. its giving me an http error 50

    • http://www.navneetsaini.com Navneet Saini

      Install it with Your GPRS and then you can use it with your WI-FI

  • vipul

    i downloaded whatsapp on my nokia c3
    bt when i enter my mobile no. it says problem connecting to server….wht shud i do?

    • deepakagarwal1982

      i have same problem please help me out?

      • kitty

        same here

        • Palash1002

          i have the same problem i tried the above method but the result is the same

          • sumit

            same here

  • Prateeksha

    My whatsapp was working fine untill i changed my sim. Its not working on idea. I have c3-00. Could i get some help please ?? How can this be fixed?

    • http://plus.google.com/102113894644220140757/ Clinton Jeff

      Whatsapp usually sends a confirmation text since it’s registered by your phone number. Try checking that maybe? or your GPRS settings?

  • Rao

    When would c3 users start viewing and using emoticons on their whatsapp

  • Danish

    Having prblm while sending message its only clock display dere ..mesg it being send . Using vofa connection on my nokiac3 help me out ?

  • Danish

    Able to download whatsapp on nokiac3 but not able to receve message ova dat help me out plz

  • Deepak

    How to use Whatsapp in Nokia X2-00? I have downloaded and installed it. It is showing my friend’s with Whatapps in thier devices, but not able to send or receive messages. Where i am lacking? I have Vodafone Live activated for it in my Internet Plan.

  • prateek

    hey i just downloaded whats app on my nokia c3 but my messages are not going nor they are being received iam using idea..and what are the settings we should change ..pls help me

  • Neha

    I am having the same problem… I downloaded whatsapp in nokia x302 but the messages are not being sent, just a timer appears… plzzz help… I use Airtel Live…!

    • Ram

      I have same issues. Please help

  • nigel

    can any one tel me what should i do when i get a error as http 50 while downloading whats app on x3-02..?????? i tried several times….

  • ram

    I downloaded
    whats app on x3-02 but I am unable to receive or send msgs…!!! Even it shows that I am using watsapp in my friends contact list. Please suggest

  • harsh

    An error “Could not connect to server: Erroroccured whilst opening connection” is coming when i am trying to register my phone number in x2-00.

    Please help.

  • pavitra


    i cannot activate whatspp in nokia 500 but i can open a webpage through vodafone live.. can u help me ?

  • sheetal

    watsapp sayin could not connet server error opening whilst opening :((

  • prasad

    An error “Could not connect to server: Erroroccured whilst opening connection” is coming when i am trying to verify my phone number in X2 01. plz reply

    • Durgaprasad

      Do you Find Any Solution for this?reply ….

  • prasad

    An error “Could not connect to server: Erroroccured whilst opening connection” is coming when i am trying to verify my phone number in X2 01. plz reply why this problem occuer

    • jayesh

      An error “Could not connect to server: Erroroccured whilst opening connection” is coming when i am trying to verify my phone number in X2 01. plz reply why this problem occuer

  • neha

    i downloaded whatsapp on my nokia c3
    bt when i enter my mobile no. it says problem connecting to server:error occured whilst openening connection….wht shud i do?

  • Palash1002

    An error “Could not connect to server: Error occured whilst opening
    connection” is coming when i am trying to verify my phone number in nokiA C3. plz reply

    • Palash1002


  • Nitz

    After opening whatsapp .. error is coming as ‘setting up favourites failed

    network conditions do not allow contact refresh”

    • amey

      me too having same problem

    • tejeshwar

      to me also d same prob

    • carlin

      Yea fa me too :(

  • Mayank Gupta

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  • x2-01

    I am using x2-01,can’t recieve media on my whatsapp….help me?

    • ashish

      hey could you please let me know your apn settings and other internet settings?? are you using vodafone??

      • Jay Desai

        i m using vodafone 2g plan but when i put my mobile nymber insert that time error” could not connect to server: timed out” that type issue show..
        plz help me

  • herumb


    follow the instruction…worked for me on my nokia x2

  • Ashish bhatia

    Hi, I’m having Nokia X2-01, i downloaded Whatsapp, & when i’m tryin to connect, i’m getting error “could not connect to server: timed out”,

    i tried different solution, but the issue is with the DATA PLAN, i.e. Kindly check whether data plan (2G or 3G) are active or not,

    i mean, i’m able to access internet (open websites on my phone) via GPRS, but unable to connect, as i don’t have Active Data Plan but when i tried with my friend’s SIM card, in which 2G Data Plan is Active & i’m able to connect with WhatsApp,

    Kindly check, if its working, kindly share it for helping others.

    All Websites at 1 place, Facebook, Twitter, GMail, Yahoo, Rediff, Youtube, LinkenIn, n Many more…

    Just check out


  • smriti

    the timing isnt correct how can i change?