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Anssi Vanjoki – “My hair stands on end as I follow Nokia”

Anssi Vanjoki, former Nokia VP and GM of Mobile Devices, and CEO-Candidate, recently gave an interview with Finnish paper Kauppalehti and was quoted as stating “My hair stands on end as I follow Nokia“, in regard to their massive losses in the company’s recent few quarter earnings.

As you might remember, Anssi quit Nokia a couple months ago, following the Finnish Giants appointment of Stephen Elop as the new CEO. The general rumor was that it was because Vanjoki was shocked to be passed over for the new role, and didnt agree with some of the new decisions by the new CEO. He was also seen by many Nokia-fans as the main driving force behind the company, often making very bold statements in regard to Nokia’s future. His non-competition clause ends September 2011.

He also says in the interview that ‘No company can have its golden age last forever‘. Definitely worth checking out, over on Kauppalehti.fi [in Finnish].

[via Tommi]

  • http://www.garymoncrieff.co.uk garymoncrieff

    Well one cant say that Q2 results arent partly down to him anyway!

  • http://www.blackphoebe.com/msjen Ms. Jen

    My hair also stands on end as I follow Nokia, and I have a lot of damned hair. 

    My dream fantasy requests to the universe include world peace, winning the lottery, space travel as soon as next year, an asteroid hitting both Elop & Ballmer, and then Vanjoki returning to right Nokia.

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  • http://twitter.com/_Nick__ Nick

    Must be real hard for him to watch and seeing destroyed in a year, what he has been building for a lot of years..

    I also would like to see him back where he was or even better as CEO, but even then I think the damage is too big..

    I only see Nokia come back if they would concentrate on high end devices only and would not commit to one operating system (especially not the worst one).. I guess they end up like HTC; paying Microsoft for every meemo or android-device built.

    Nowadays everyone wants/has a high end device; businessmen and high-school-kids..

    Start making the best phones again and let customes choose which OS they want, before the only will be asked whether they want an iPhone or a aPhone (a for Android or Google)..