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Exclusive: Nokia “Perks” – New Smart Shopper Coupon Service? [Groupon Competitor]

While we were doing our usual bit of sleuthing around the Internets, we came across this very-official-looking video for what seems like a new Nokia service for Smart shoppers, called “Nokia Perks“.

Apparently Nokia Perks will allow you to save money and use your mobile to get coupons that you can redeem at various outlets and brands. A bit like popular coupon service, Groupon? Here’s a the whole transcript for the commercial:

“If you like saving Money, you’ll love Perks. Perks are paperless coupons that you can find and redeem right on your mobile. Perks will show you brilliant offers on everything from jeans to sushi. It’ll even show you how to get there, with the Map View. Now that’s smart shopping.

Here’s how an ordinary shopping day, is better with Perks. You check your closet and… yeah those trainers are just looking to be replaced. Go to Perks.Nokia.com and look in the fashion category, or do a keyword search. When you find a deal click save, and add to my offers, and you’re done. It’s already saved to your mobile, no printing, just go. When you’re ready to pay, get out your mobile, click the redeem button and show the code to the Clark. And presto, savings!

But the day isn’t over yet. A friend texts you asking you to book a table somewhere. Perks shows you the nearby restaurants with offers on them. With some of these, you book the table, right from your phone. When you get there, just say your name as usual, and it’s “right this way!” Easy booking, friends happy, money saved!

Perks is free to use, save serious dough by planning ahead, subscribing to your favorite brands, and checking for deals when you’re out. So get out there, and make any hour a happy hour, with Perks!”

I never figured Nokia would launch a coupon service, but coupled with their NFC smartphones coming along, it might actually make sense. The website “Perks.Nokia.com” loads a blank https page right now though. Check out the video below, and let us know what you think:

Nokia Perks from Ramesh Bapanapalli on Vimeo.

[The video probably isnt going to be up very long, so check it out as soon as y’all can!]

Edit: The Video got pulled but here’s another copy below, sent in to us.

Edit 2: Whoops. Both videos pulled. Looks like Nokia wants to keep this one sealed.

Edit 3: @DigitalatNokia just tweeted about it (though the link goes to another blog posting about the leak that we found). Would that be confirmation? :