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Ye Quickie Dell Venue Pro Review

Ever since the Dell Venue Pro was first announced, I couldn’t help wanting to check it out. Running Windows Phone 7, it packs a massive AMOLED Display, and a portrait slide-out keyboard.

Yup. A Portrait side-out keyboard. Maybe that’s what pulled us in the first place. That, and a refreshing design, that definitely differentiates it from the rest of the WP7 line up. So let’s check it out then, shall we?

The Retail Package:

The retail package includes:

  • The Dell Venue Pro
  • 1400 mAh  battery
  • microUSB Cable
  • Wall Charger
  • 3.5mm Stereo Headset
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Product Safety and Warranty Brochure

Pretty much your standard retail package. That 1400 mAh battery is a worry though.

The Design:

Out of all the Windows Phone 7 devices we’ve seen out in the market right now, the Dell Venue Pro is arguably the best in the design category. The phone exuhberates quality craftsmanship, in terms of appeal and construction both, even with it’s patterned plastic back panel. There are angular cutouts found in the top and bottom sides, which help give character to the curved display surface between it. The sides are accented by chrome edging, with a rubberized top and bottom side. However at 122 x 63.5 x 15.2 mm and 193 grams, it’s definitely on the hefty side.

Dell Venue Pro Review

Taking prominent space, is the 4 Inch AMOLED Display at WVGA (480 x 800) resolution that has quite lush colors and shows off a good amount of detail.

Dell Venue Pro Review

The curved display makes the device look quite elegant, and doesnt distort anything on the screen, even when viewed at extreme angles. It’s very responsive to touch and outdoors legibility in sunlight is also quite decent (on its maximum brightness setting).

Dell Venue Pro Review

Below the Display are three capacitive buttons, which include back, home (windows logo), and search. There’s plenty of space between them, and they’re easy to press, so no complains here.

Dell Venue Pro Review

Sliding the device open is easy enough, with just an average amount of resistance when you push it open to reveal the 4 row portrait styled QWERTY keyboard.

Dell Venue Pro Review

Dell Venue Pro Review

The hard plastic buttons have very little spacing between them, but are slightly bubbled towards the middle so that each key is distinguishable from each other.

Dell Venue Pro Review

Dell Venue Pro Review

That being said, folks with large fingers might find it a little cramped. Feedback is good, and there’s very little to fault with the keyboard.

Dell Venue Pro Review

On the left side, things are minimal and there are no ports or buttons present.

Dell Venue Pro Review

On the right side, you have a 2 stage dedicated camera key, and a volume rocker which had a good tactile feel, but was a bit too recessed to be comfortable.

Dell Venue Pro Review

On top, you’ll find a circular power button, and a 3.5mm Audio Jack.

Dell Venue Pro Review

On the bottom, you’ll find the two speakers and microUSB port.

Dell Venue Pro Review

Coming to the back of the device, you’ll find the DELL and Windows Phone 7 Logos prominently placed, with a 5 Megapixel Camera and LED Flash at the very top portion.

Dell Venue Pro Review

There’s also a very elegant pattern on the back, which also helps you get a better grip on the phone.

Dell Venue Pro Review

Dell Venue Pro Review

To get to the battery and SIM card slot, you’ll have to slide out the back panel.

Dell Venue Pro Review

The Call Quality:

Dell Venue Pro Review

The earpiece on the Dell Venue Pro produces good audio, though there are times when you might notice a tiny bit of static noise when at full volume. Likewise for the speaker, which does tend to muffle voices in the same scenario. Call quality was decent, with no dropped calls as such.

The Battery Life:

Dell Venue Pro Review

Battery life was pretty average, and we managed to get 18 full hours of moderate usage out of the Venue Pro on a single charge, which is rated at providing 7 hours of talktime. Light usage will definitely see it last through a full day of use, but heavy usage might stress the 1400 mAh battery a bit, requiring timely recharges.

The Windows Phone UI:

Dell Venue Pro Review

Like most other WP7 devices in the market right now, the Venue Pro sports a 1Ghz snapdragon processor, with 512MB of RAM and 1024MB of ROM, which all make for a very responsive experience in navigating the User Interface, without any lag or slowdowns, which is a pretty consistent theme overall with the platform. You have long lists to scroll through, a dynamic looking home screen interface, and color themes to choose from. You can associate and sync contacts with services like Gmail or Facebook, all directly into the ‘People’ hub on your phone. Everything is a simple enough process, from setting up email, to social networking, and the app catalog is slowly growing, reaching about 25,000 Apps on the Windows Phone marketplace just yesterday.

Dell Venue Pro Review

So, yes, basically pretty much exactly the same experience as any other Windows Phone device, but with the added bonus of the portrait keyboard.

Dell Venue Pro Review

Text Input via the onscreen landscape keyboard is also a very decent experience, thanks to the large screen which equals large buttons, and responsive nature, which make speed typing a joy.

Dell Venue Pro Review

For a better idea of the Mobile OS, check out our detailed Windows Phone 7 Overview post. Worth noting since the post was made, is that WP7 now has copy/paste support and a couple under-the-hood tweaks.

The Camera:

Dell Venue Pro Review

The 5 Megapixel Camera on the Dell Venue Pro captures barely average shots unfortunately.

Dell Venue Pro Review

While in outdoor conditions there’s a reasonable amount of detail and neutral tone colors, image quality isnt quite as good in low light situations, or where the LED flash would be needed.

Dell Venue Pro Review

There’s also a massive shutter lag issue, wherein you would press the camera button, hear the shutter sound and then move, only to realize that the picture was taken after all the sound effects. Could be just our unit though, since we havent heard anyone else complain about this particular issue.

Here are some camera samples from the Dell Venue Pro camera:

Image 1:

DELL Venue Pro_000000

Image 2:

DELL Venue Pro_000005

Image 3:

DELL Venue Pro_000015

Image 4:

DELL Venue Pro_000016

Image 5:

DELL Venue Pro_000017

Image 6:

DELL Venue Pro_000019

Image 7:

DELL Venue Pro_000021

Image 8:

DELL Venue Pro_000022

Image 9:

DELL Venue Pro_000023

Image 10:

DELL Venue Pro_000024

Image 11:

DELL Venue Pro_000025

Image 12:

DELL Venue Pro_000029

Image 13:

DELL Venue Pro_000033

Image 14:

DELL Venue Pro_000034

Image 15:

DELL Venue Pro_000035

Image 16:

DELL Venue Pro_000038

Image 17:

DELL Venue Pro_000039

Image 18:

DELL Venue Pro_000043

Image 19:

DELL Venue Pro_000046

Image 20:

DELL Venue Pro_000048

Image 21:

DELL Venue Pro_000057

Image 22:

DELL Venue Pro_000058

Image 23:

DELL Venue Pro_000063

720p Video recording on the Venue Pro is quite disappointing, because it lacks the one thing that all other WP7 devices have in this mode, which is continuous auto-focus. Videos are recorded at 24 frames per second in well lit situations, but in low light, that can drop all the way down to 8 frames per second, which results in a lot of blurring or fuzzy elements. Not cool y’all.

Here’s a couple video camera samples from the Dell Venue Pro:

Video 1:

Video 2:

The Multimedia:

Dell Venue Pro Review

The Zune experience on the Venue Pro, is just as good as other WP7 devices, providing a visually appealing interface, with a pretty good speaker to boast.

Dell Venue Pro Review

And thanks to the AMOLED screen, watching high definition videos is very pleasing, epecially since there’s built-in support for DivX video, in addition to 3GP, MPEG-4, H.263, H.264 and WMV. All without any sluggishness during playback. Depending on which version you choose, you’ll get either 8GB or 16GB of space to fill up (but no microSD card slot). Needless to say video playback is one area in which the Dell Venue Pro clearly excels.

Dell Venue Pro Review

And ofcourse looking at pictures in the gallery is a nice experience too, thanks again to the AMOLED screen.

Dell Venue Pro Review

Also worth mentioning, is that the Venue Pro has FM Radio capabilities too. You’ll need to plug in a wired headset though (like with other mobile devices)

The Web Browser, and Connectivity:

Being a high end smartphone and all, the Dell Venue Pro boasts a range of connectivity options, from Quad Band GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), Tri Band UMTS (850/1700/2100 MHz), 3G, A-GPS, Wifi 802.11 b/g/n, and Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR. No TV-Out though.

Dell Venue Pro Review

Thanks to the large screen and fast processor/os the web browsing experience is pretty good, with fast page loads, fluid responsiveness in scrolling, and plenty of real estate to move around websites, with support for double-tap and multi-touch gestures too.

Dell Venue Pro Review

There’s no support for Flash Player 10.1 though, but there’s multi-page/tab support and the overall experience is definitely very polished.

Everything Else:

Dell Venue Pro Review

Worth mentioning, is also the fact that Windows Phone 7 has Xbox Live built-in with a very solid set of games that’s growing every day.

Dell Venue Pro Review

Dell Venue Pro Review

There’s games like Angry Birds, Sonic, Plants vs Zombies and many more.

Dell Venue Pro Review

Dell Venue Pro Review

Apart from games there’s the usual essential apps pre-installed. A Calculator, Office, etc.

Dell Venue Pro Review

Dell Venue Pro Review

Dell Venue Pro Review

And if those arnt enough, the Windows Phone marketplace is growing with more and more apps and games coming in everyday.

Dell Venue Pro Review

Dell Venue Pro Review

Dell Venue Pro Review

Video Overview:

The Conclusion:


The Dell Venue Pro has to be one of the best designed smartphones from the company, with a very polished looking industrial design. That being said, overall it turned out to be a pretty mediocre phone, thanks to the low camera quality, and average battery life. The Windows Phone experience is no different from other manufacturers but admittedly, the screen is quite impressive and the portrait keyboard is a bonus that we found ourselves using pretty often. Also worth noting, that in typical Dell fashion you also get 1 year limited warranty and 1 year advanced exchange service.

Dell Venue Pro Review

Personally, I’d say if you’re considering a Windows Phone device today, the Dell Venue Pro might very well be your second choice, compared to what else is out there. Other WP7 phones have their pros and cons, and so does the Venue Pro. But if you’re considering another operating system, there are better alternatives at the same price.