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Nokia N9 to be Supported ‘For Years’, to Receive ‘Several Updates’

The Head of Portfolio Management in Marketing for Nokia, Klas Ström, just tweeted that the Nokia N9 will be supported ‘for years‘.

He also mentions that the MeeGo smartphone will receive ‘several software updates‘, so there’s no reason to worry about lack of support.

Definitely good to hear. Any of our readers thinking of picking up the N9? Still worried about lack of support?

[via Twitter]

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  • http://nwerneck.sdf.org dividebyzero

    This is all a bunch of crap “will be supported by many years”. Like Symbian. If you have to _explain_ then  there is something wrong. I am not sure if it’s Nokia’s fault, if it’s the media or whatever. But why can’t it all be just NORMAL?

    Someone’s got their heads bury deep down into a very NSFW place. Is it Elop? The tech journalists? Nokia developers? App developers? The consumers? Who is it?

    In such settings, if some company say “don’t worry” about some product, you start worrying. Specially if the product is pretty much vaporware and will still be for a long time.

    Yeah, the webpage and films are all very cool. But I’m still VERY pissed off that it wasn’t announced for immediate availability. I get that they all want to “get it right” and whatever. But really, do we really need to wait that long? How much better will it get? How much “rough in the edges” is it yet? How is that whiteboard going, have they cleaned a lot of the terrible bugs that bugged Elop so much? It’s definitely not going to be the N900 successor, back then they were all proud of being open-ended and with sharp edges etc.

    Are they waiting until they make the WP7 version look equally cool? They are implementing swipe there too?

    Here we are after months of speculation. The product, N9, and the non-product, N950, are finally announced. But we still can have no idea what is the damn PLAN. What do they want? What can’t they SELL the damn thing already? I want to buy this. Give me the parts in a kit, and I will solder the SIMD components if I have to.

    Will the delay help them steal more Iphone consumers? More Android consumers? More WP7 consumers? Or on the contrary, they are afraid to hurt the Manta Ray sales? How many more positive reviews by Engadget etc do they want? Or will the delay help them getting an even larger market share from new smartphone consumers?

    What is not working OK yet? Flash? Email? Facebook? They are working on google plus intergration??? Nokia Maps is telling you to go right when you should go left? You pick up a girl voice for the guiding and a dude’s voice come out? What is there to be fixed yet? And if so much support if coming, why not leave that for the first update??? What is so terribly critical and wrong that can’t wait for the first update? Are engineers seeming to be nervous in every public display, like they are anticipating errors that are happening in the tests?

    Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have always had problems in product announcements. Not a single noticeable problem has been seen in N9. Journalists are using it OK. What is still alpha / beta quality there?

    I can understand if they decided not to play hacking-Linux-machine anymore. But really, why do we have to wait more and more? The need more apps or what? What is the damned reason? 

    And what is with the limited availability to Malaysia, Austria, Australia etc? What is the damned idea here? Why that? I can’t think of any other single product in the world’s history that had something remotely similar to that. Neither niche or “pop” products What is with THOSE countries? Portugal but not Spain? Well, at least Australia and New Zeland are together. But that still sounds like some crazy riddle. Like something that would come up in Lost (the tv series)  and would make people confused for weeks to come. Let’s only hope the fans of Nokia’s show are not disappointed in the end like some Lost fans were…

    • Roze

      1. The phone has a developer mode which installs the common “hacking” tools, ssh serveer etc. They are still focusing on you being free to do what you want with it.

      2. The phone and software seems to be in a good shape, so the reason it’s not for “immidiate availability” is likely to stem from the fact that they have to produce the devices, transport them to vendors and finalize whatever deals they have yet to close with carriers. consider this: carrier A decides not to go with the device, then the device is announced and gets a strong positive reviews. Now, carrier A might want it due to consumer demend. This means Nokia needs to reevaluate all deals and do alot of business/political dancing around until they have the papers signed.

      In sweden, 3 (tre.se) has announced that they will be selling it from the 23:rd september. I assume that’s to ensure a proper shipping and distribution time and get all their websites and databases filled up with the info needed. Don’t forget that the carriers need to do some work too after they agreed to sell the device.

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