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Nokia N9 Confirmed Coming to India?

Nokia India’s “My Next Nokia” page has a tiny little suprise hidden away in its source code. The Nokia N9 as an option, in the blue color.

Would this be an indication that the MeeGo smartphone will actually be heading to the subcontinent?

So far the general rumor, is that the N9 might not be coming over to this side of the planet, or might even be delayed similar to how long it took the Nokia N900 to launch here. Additionally, India wasnt in the list of countries on the product website. Could this be confirmation of the phone or just a mess up by someone?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see, eh?

[Much thanks for the tip @BrainImpact]

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  • http://nwerneck.sdf.org dividebyzero

    What you mean by “this side of the planet”? The list includes China, HK, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam… India would be great, it would make my failed Vasco da Gama joke at Conversations work!

    • http://zomgitscj.com/ Clinton Jeff

      Haha, darn should have said “this side of Asia” then. Didnt know China was on the list too! Geez now I feel worse about it not coming here lol