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Apple has Enough Spare Change to buy HTC, Nokia, LG, SE, RIM and Motorola

So apparently when Apple announces their next financial results, they will have about $70 Billion, which according to Asymco gives them enough to buy all their manufacturing competitors like Nokia, HTC, RIM and Motorola, Sony Ericsson and LG, with Samsung being the only exception.

The more remarkable thing is that as market values of phone vendors continue to decline, Apple’s cash will continue to grow dramatically. Indeed, a time may soon come when Apple’s cash will be worth more than the entire phone industry.


[via Asymco]

  • Amit JOhari

    wow !!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5789lol

    Tells you how many idiots are in this world.

    • Pui lam henry

        i dont think its idiot to purchase an iphone since IOS pps development are on top priority , for example , the only smartphone with the ability to video chat with skype ~ 
        its just a phone for check in /out , google buzz , tweet & fb , a bit bored of it tho , well , i love windows phone 7’s interface , its sleek & dynamic ~ 

      • Wads Ur Name Gal

        lol why immediately assume that the “idiots” were referring to the iphone users?