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Google Nexus S Review [The RoundUp]

So we figured we’d conclude our review of the Google Nexus S. First up, check out our unboxing video here.



When you first pick up the Google Nexus S you are bound to notice how plasticky it feels. This may not be a selling point for the device, but it does make the device noticeably lighter than most other devices of similar size and form factor, and this is a advantage in our opinion. At only 2.48 inches by 4.87 inches, and 0.42 inches thick, and weighing in only at


The Super AMOLED on this device is really amazing, and some of the live wall papers absolutely stand out. The curved display has a really nice feel to it, even though the curvature is extremely subtle.



All Google applications work well on the device, and no noticeable lag is present. Even the sliding between homescreens has this added bounce and fluidity to it. It is nice to see Google tweaking for optimum performance every step of the way.


Gingerbread is the highlight of this device obviously, being the first device to actually ship with Android 2.3 on it. Gingerbread looks really good, the black cool is extremely cool. Anyone descending from Android 1.6 or 2.1 will certainly appreciate the level of detail in this operating system.


The keyboard is miles ahead of standard Android offerings so far in the market, rivalling iOS virtual keyboard in usability. The addition of the handles to drag the cursor, and implementation of a more intuitive cut, copy and paste system is a welcome enhancement to the stock interface.


The built in task manager will be a bonus for most users, bringing application management mainstream. The inclusion of the edit key in Google search suggestions, the black theme, small tweaks in various parts of the software all show how Google is constantly improving, tying up loose ends.


With Gingerbread, Android offers an extremely clean, neat and usable interface for the mainstream market. All the tweaks may be small and may seem unimportant, but any regular user of Android 2.1 or even Android 2.2 will find these changes extremely comforting.


Offering NFC under its hood, the Google Nexus S is currently one of its kind in the market. But other devices will launch soon it similar specifications. Google Nexus S is not a game changing device. It may set the standard for screen quality, and preferred size of screen, but we are pretty sure that manufacturers may deviate from this bar and still produce stellar devices.


It seems Gingerbread is probably as good as Android is going to get, at least on devices that function primarily as phones. Honeycomb will be a tablet focussed operating system. Nexus One had the advantage of being the only device to receive updates frequently, but that was at a time when Android was steadily improving. The Nexus S will no doubt share the same gift, but we doubt whether it will really work to its advantage as a selling point for the device. More and more manufacturers are realizing the importance of frequent and regular updates, and it will probably be a moot point. The Nexus S is a solid buy, a bang for the buck. But with a wide range of devices on the horizon it would be prudent to wait and choose a device that will not fade away from existence quite so easily.

So that’s pretty much our review roundup for the Nexus S. Check out our video review of the Google Nexus S here or watch it below.

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  • Deepanjal

    can u please tell me that would samsung galaxy s 2 be the best smartphone in india when it gets launched or there are other options,,, please help

    • rahcool

      wait untll the reviews of SGS2 comes.

  • Deepanjal

    can u please tell me that would samsung galaxy s 2 be the best smartphone in india when it gets launched or there are other options,,, please help

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