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How to Sync Your Nokia with iTunes

Nokia E7 Sync with iTunes

So you’ve got your new Nokia Phone, and you have all your music tied to iTunes and it’s pretty genius Smart Playlists.

Not as big a problem as you’d think. Here’s how to sync your Nokia with iTunes.

First up, you’ll need an app called iTunes Agent (Windows Only Folks, sorry). You can download it from their official website. Once you install iTunes Agent, it will ask you to setup/configure it. At that point, make sure your iTunes is closed, and your Nokia is connected to your PC, in Mass Storage Mode (In PC Suite or Ovi Suite Mode, it wont detect your phone). Proceed by choosing yes to configure it.

There’ll be an example configuration for you to look at, but the options and fields are pretty straight forward. You can choose a Name for your device (Eg: Here i went with ‘Nokia E7‘). Sync Pattern is ‘iTunes‘. You then have to select a Music Location on the device you’re syncing iTunes to. I created a Folder called ‘My Music’ on the E7 and choose to sync music there. You’ll have to note though, that any music you have in the folder will get deleted when you sync to it, so its better to create a new Folder for the first time you use this method.

You then have to choose a file or folder which iTunes Agent can recognise the device by. You can create a text file called ‘NokiaE7.txt’ for example, and place it in the root of your device and choose that. In the screenshot I chose a random file on the E7 (which isnt recommended heh).

The last part is “Associate with Playlist”. Unfortunately iTunes Agent cant sync multiple Playlists with your device, so you’ll have to choose just one Playlist (Normal or Smart Playlist). I created a new Playlist on iTunes called ‘Nokia E7′ (for lack of creativity) and placed a couple select songs in there. But you can also sync your ‘Recently Added’ or ‘Most Played’ Smart Playlists, for example.

After that, choose ‘Save Device’, and thats about it. You can create multiple Profiles for Multiple devices if you wish.

At that point it should begin syncing immediately, but incase it doesnt, just right click on the tray icon and select ‘Sync‘. You’ll have to make sure you have enough free space before doing this, otherwise iTunes Agent will just throw a random error atchya.

At that point you should see iTunes Agent copying all the music files in that playlist, to your chosen folder on your Nokia phone.

(And yes the tracks in the screenshot are supposed to be comical)

That wasnt too hard, eh?

Henceforth you’ll be able to keep syncing that folder on your Nokia, with that chosen playlist on your iTunes.

Did you try iTunes Agent out? Work for ya? Any problems along the way? We’re here to help folks!

  • http://twitter.com/sachaobado Sacha Obado

    you could also use doubletwist as well. it will sync all your itunes music over to your nokia phone as well. Try it out.

    • http://zomgitscj.com/ Clinton Jeff

      There’s a new one! Never heard of it before. And it’s compatible with both Mac and PC too, definitely checking it out thanks :D

  • Shop

    No need to be sorry for windows-only. Nokia’s own multimedia transfer does a good job on a Mac and also supports photos, videos and bookmarks.

  • Jaran Nilsen

    Hi, CJ. I am the author of iTunes Agent and would like to thank you for this extensive guide to setting up iTA with Nokia E7.


    • http://zomgitscj.com/ Clinton Jeff

      And Thank you for making such an awesome app there Jaran :D I’ve been using it for years now, you rock!

    • http://zomgitscj.com/ Clinton Jeff

      And Thank you for making such an awesome app there Jaran :D I’ve been using it for years now, you rock!

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  • Svegliati

    help me! i cannot sync it! ive followed literally the instruction but i cannot use it! keep on saying that there are no devices connected! HELP!

  • Simdowling

    How can i do this with my nokia lumia 800?

  • joe

    Every thing is going as said on this blog. The PC states that it synked but there is no result on the Nokia N8. Do you have any tips or tricks with this phone?