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Youtube App for Android Updated to v2.1

The Youtube App for Android just got an update to version 2.1.

Unfortch this one’s only for people on Android 2.2 and over. The update includes the following:

  • In-page playback: you can read the video description, browse related, rate or flag videos without having to interrupt video playback.
  • Posting comments: you can post a comment while the video is playing, just like on the desktop website.
  • Subscription updates: we’ve made it easier to access new videos from your subscriptions. If you are signed into your account, you will see all your subscription updates right on the home screen of the app.
  • New full-screen UI: To enter full-screen mode simply rotate the phone. The new player controls make it easier to seek within the video, and you can pause or resume the playback by just tapping on the screen.

According to the Google Mobile Blog, this was rebuilt from the ground up to mirror the YouTube desktop experience and is their fastest, most intuitive YouTube mobile app to date.

As always, you can download the update for free, over at the Android Market.