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The Secret of Grisly Manor – iPhone Game Walkthrough

One of my new favorite’s on the iPhone, The Secret of Grisly Manor, is a neat little mystery game that should keep you busy for about an hour or so.

The game looks quite brilliant both on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, with crisp images and very smooth gameplay. Going from room to room can take a bit, but it’s not too bad.

For those of you who have purchased the £1.19 game, and are stuck, here’s a quick walkthrough of the game. As you’d expect, this is Spoiler alert for anyone who’s currently playing the game and hasnt finished it yet.


At the beginning of the game, you’re locked outside the house. Look on your right side, and you should see a loose brick.


Tap on that to see the brick, and remove it, to reveal a skeleton key for the front door.




Once you enter the Manor, look on the right side and tap on the picture frame thats on the wall. Here you should see a ripped piece of paper that you can add to your collection.




In the room to the left, remember to take the matchbox you see on the table.



Then head out to the right, and into the lawn, then to the shed, to take a loose log from the woodpile.



After that, head back to the hall and go upstairs. In the first bedroom, take the jeweled butterfly from the taxidermy frame on the wall.



Remember to take note of the old drawing (of a red car with 4 wheels; each wheel is partially colored white) on wall, and piggy bank on bedside cabinet.

Head to the second bedroom, where you can take the goldfish bowl on the bedside cabinet, and the chess piece from under the bed.





Then head back to the ground floor, and in the room towards the right, use the chess piece on the chess board.


Grab the silver key from the now-opened secret compartment.


Then, head upstairs and use the silver key on the left-most door leading to the attic.


Head up to the attic and tap on the trunk.


Solve the marble piece puzzle on the trunk to reveal a butterfly-shaped indentation underneath.



Place the jeweled butterfly on the indentation to open the trunk.



Take the magnet on a string inside the trunk, and remember to note down the strange symbols inscribed on the bottom of the trunk (comes in useful later).


Head back downstairs and tap on the carpet to reveal a grate.


Tap on the grate, and use the magnet on a string to retrieve a tuning fork that fell under it.


Head to the backyard, to the shed, and use the tuning fork on the ear-shaped lock on the right side.


Once it’s unlocked, go inside the shed and take the wooden mallet and carved falcon on the table.


Head back to the first floor, and use the mallet on the piggy bank in the first bedroom.


Take the old brass token, and use it in the gumball machine on table in left ground-floor room.


Once you turn the handle, take the heart-shaped jewel that comes out.


Head to the room on the right side of the hall, and place the wooden falcon back on the shelf with the others.


Reorientate the falcons according to old drawing that you say on the wall in the first bedroom. Each white portion of the wheels denotes the direction at which a falcon should be facing.


Once that happens, the secret compartment should open up. Take the fuse.

Go back to the first floor, and head to the last room on the right side (hallway). You should see a door shut tight with no door knob, and two statutes on either side, with the statute on the right sitting on a base with an empty heart-shaped notch. Place the jeweled heart there.



Take the silver knob and ice pick from the hidden compartment.


Head to the kitchen, and use the silver knob on the drawer.


Take the key from the drawer.


Use the ice pick on the fridge freezer, and take the wrench.

Head to the bathroom on the 1st floor, and use the wrench with the large bolt, to reveal a secret passageway on the wall.


Head into the hallway, and use the fuse with the box, and then switch it on.


Enter the glowing door on the left, to enter secret room, which is actually the study room.


Take the golden key thats on the desk and note the unbalanced old set of scales.

Exit the secret room through the door on the left, and note that this door now remains open permanently.


Use the golden key on the small key hole on the stairs.


Take the ornate rod.

Head back into the shed outside, and use the rusty key on the locked shelf. You should now get the other half of the ripped note.


Go outside, and use the ornate rod on the  tree stump.




Enter the old stump which now remains open.

Select & highlight the ancient stones on the ancient stone table according to the strange symbols inscribed on the bottom of the trunk in the attic.


Two streams of light emit from the center of the ancient stone table & point to 2 ancient stones, indicating a time of 8:25 AM/PM.

Now head back into the main hall, and go to the room on the left of it.


Arrange the hour & minute hands of cuckoo clock on the wall, according to the location provided by the ancient stones, to reveal the opening of the cuckoo clock.


Take the stopper

Head to the bathroom and use the stopper on the drain in the tub. Open the tap to fill the tub with water.


At this point you have to use the goldfish bowl to empty it into the tub. Then use the empty bowl with the tub again, to fill it with water.


Go back to the bathroom, and to the secret passageway, and switch off the fuse box.

Now go back into the study, and notice the poster that was on the right side, with an old World’s Fair poster that reads “Love Is The Key To The World“.


Go into the kitchen and look at the alphabets on the fridge.


Note down the colors of the alphabets L . O . V . E = green . orange . red . purple.


Go to the globe with the word ‘study’ scrawled on it in ground floor room. Use each of the 4 handles to change the color of the optics to the colors identified to open the globe.


Take the wooden box that appears.

Use the log on the fireplace, and then use the matches on the log. After that, throw the sealed wooden box into the fire, to reveal a small metal object is hidden inside.


Then put out the fire with the bowl of water, and grab the 5 ounce weight.


Head back  to the study and use the weight on the unbalanced scale on the desk. This will reveal a safe behind the picture on top.


Enter the combination 42-34-15 with the 3 handles to open the wall safe.


Take the iron key.


Use the Iron key on the basement door on the ground floor.


Head into the basement, and solve the 3-wheel puzzle, to open the wooden door.



And that’s it! The Epilogue plays on, for a very unsatisfying ending

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  • Banoffiepie

    ”for a very unsatisfying ending” – yea i expected tht grandpa will show up, but still! disappointing.
    this game is gd tho

  • Dollface_vampyre

    It’s stupidly short

  • Cherley

    Can you tell me where you found the poster? I’ve been searching everywhere but can’t seems to find it. The poster in the study??

    • http://zomgitscj.com/ Clinton Jeff

      You have to make sure to switch off the fuse box first, and then go back into the study. You’ll see it on the right side :)

    • Parallax25

      you have to deactivate the fuse box in the passage from the bathroom in order to close the door in the study. then go all the way around to the study and you will find the poster hanging behind the door!

  • Debs

    So what happens after the lights on the door in the basement are lit cos nowt has happened on my game.

  • Chelsiee

    how do you do the 3-wheels puzzle??? it’s doing my head in!!!! help!!!

    • http://zomgitscj.com/ Clinton Jeff

      It takes a while tbh, took me a couple tries. Try to set the first wheel and align it with the other two, then rotate the last one to try and match them all up with the symbols on top.

      gah that didnt make any sense at all, did it? lol

      • Guess

        first set the right wheel, then the middle wheel, then the left wheel, then re-set again the right wheel. it is simple

        • D2

          i did it, and all matching and lightened, then… nothing happened!!!

          • Jumnhyk

            Yeah, same problem. Is the door supposed to open?

            • Nani

              When you align the wheels, the door opens automatically….click on the door and u can see Mr.Grand pa….. 

          • Jumnhyk

            Yeah, same problem. Is the door supposed to open?

            • Luke Frohling

              It’s NOT automatic. You have to push/press one of the wheels to advance (after solving it). I pressed the right hand side one

        • Phoenixmw

          I can’t set the left one I could b4 but not now cuz wen I try move the left 1 they all move

      • courtney

        its really quite simple, what you have to do is get both the arrows on the first cirle alligned, then using the third cirle spin until the arrows on both the 2nd and the thrd circle are exactly opposite one another, then allign them and you shall meet grandpa, its quite an unsatisfying ending tbh

  • Armadillocommander

    Where to find “door shut tight with no door knob, and two statutes on either side”? Thanks!

    • Vi

      Look on cheats on I phone hunn it’s impossible without.

  • Alyssa

    What is a study

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  • Leechurch07

    Good but to short

  • http://twitter.com/JasonVail JasonVail

    Way too short… The only part that I needed the walk through for was that the lights in the tree stump related to the time on the clock. Finished the game in about an hour total.

    • http://zomgitscj.com/ Clinton Jeff

      Yeah it really is way too short. Expected it to be much muuuuuuch longer heh.

  • Enarem324

    Boring game!!! Sooo short!

  • Wietje31

    I solved the three wheel puzzle, but the door doesn‘t open… now what??

    • guaridan__J

      That’s what happened to me… nothing…

      • aiden

        all the wheels have to light up

  • Audi

    it was a good game but it only took me half an hour…  IT WAS WAY TOOOO SHORT :)))))

  • Dezden

    Got it the day the Amazon Appstore had it for free. Just now played it… had to look at about 3 hints, but otherwise it was fun. Glad I didn’t pay, but it’d be worth it if they released more manors or something. Overall, fun, but for time, probably not worth the price (free is good)!

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  • MelissaB1986

    awesome, needs a sequal, kept me intrigued, hypo-allergetic cat door, so funny…….i need one!

  • MelissaB1986

    when grandpa shows up……it was satifying but sad…….grisly mansion II please

  • Quyen

    for those who are stuck at the 3 wheel: the 3 wheels gotta shine and the pointers have to point at each other ;)

  • Nikitathecutest

    how do u go 2 d shed?? d room 2 d rite is d chess room !!!!!!!!

  • pinky

    the numbers on the safe t lock are all odd. can’t adjust it for me to enter the combinations 42-34-15.

    • Bendagerman

      me too

  • Calah_9

    To everyone stuck at the three wheels you have to move them in the direcrion of the arrows then it will open the door to grndpa

  • Mjprillaman

    I thought it cool but if you dont find the cules in the right order than you its almost impossible becuz i used an online cheat sheet to win but the endwas very shocking all that work for the grandpat to be behind a door

  • Karen582C

    can you please answer this . The part with the clock did NOT work at all for me.

  • BriCheese

    The Safe-T-Lock only stays on odd numbers so I can’t put in 42 and 34… I saw someone else had this problem too
    Any help??

  • BriCheese

    The Safe-T-Lock only stays on odd numbers so I can’t put in 42 and 34… I saw someone else had this problem too
    Any help??

  • exist+trace

    that ending is so…-____-

  • exist+trace

    that ending is so…-____-

    • http://zomgitscj.com/ Clinton Jeff

      I know, right?

  • bob

    how do you unlock the last puzzle?

  • kristen

    That doesnt help at all how do u get through the last door

  • Jewelz93

    I can’t even hear the ending.  I got through the door and all there is is a black screen! What does the grandpa say? 

  • Jewelz93

    I can’t even hear the ending.  I got through the door and all there is is a black screen! What does the grandpa say? 

    • Jeremy Mills

      Whatever, the puzzle. If it does not work at first, go away, come back…and try again

  • Jewelz93

    I can’t even hear the ending.  I got through the door and all there is is a black screen! What does the grandpa say? 

  • Rene

    Can’t believe I paid for this. What a rip off.

  • SunnyShine

    I can’t get cuckoo clock to open up. Help!

  • Camguitar

    How do u do the wheels in the basement

  • Nichicoguy

    i cant solve the damn clock! plss help!

  • Richard

    Well it was fun whilst it lasted

  • Teresa

    I will give kudos to certain parts but the ending really needed work. You can’t call it a “cliffhanger” and it was certainly not a gratifying ending, so……? Not sure what the thinking was, if it had gone on with the adventures grandpa spoke about – maybe. All in all I am happy I got it free!

  • beth

    I can’t find the door without a door knob and with the two statues next to it. help please

    • Nancy

      I have the same problem.

  • enaj

    so frustrating!

  • enaj

    cant get enough!

  • Rossi

    Couldnt put it down, completed after 30mins. is there any more puzzle games like this

  • Vyshi

    I got to the clock, but I can’t seem to get it to open up even though my hands are aligned. O_O A little bit of help?

  • sdg222

    If you’ve tried aligning the hands of the clock to where they should be and it isn’t working…try the hands the other way round. Anybody asking about the basement door after the guy earlier mentioned doing the wheels right to left then doing the right one again obviously hasn’t read through offered solutions before asking…shame on you! It works perfectly. It took me about 5/10 minutes and a lot of luck to do it initially but when I read that I went back and tried it again. Did it first time. Nicely worked out that man!

  • BLAA

    i am so stuck why aint the clock working…set at 8.25 right??

  • Flower

    My locked door with 2 statues is not thee!!! I have a door with a handle that asks for a key…no statues!

  • lea long

    i thought it was a fantastic entertaining game!! please release more!! well done

  • Your mom

    The door is around the corner by the bathroom

    • Nancy

      Thanks a lot!


    Stupid game!!! wasted half an hour of my office time and then shows up grandpa!!!! and all he says is I have so much to show you…… This was all a treasure, hunt i want to know the whole story…..!!!!!

  • http://Www.me.com Helllo

    Wheres the log for the fire im confused

  • Nad

    its next to the shed outside on the pile of logs :)

  • li li

    what a load of rubbish :@

  • Kt

    Where is the place where you put the heart shaped jewel in the section-thingy?

    • aiden

      you go upstairs and in the middle of the pink bedroom and the bathroom there is a gap click on it and put it in

  • Lewis

    What a terrible game, terrible ending

    • http://plus.google.com/102113894644220140757/ Clinton Jeff

      Haha yeah the ending is quite terrible.

  • Mari

    I got the same prob… :/

  • Carlos

    The ending is you time travelled! The backyard, the tree stump is a full grown tree, and the dog is alive again.

  • milly

    how do u do the puzzle on the end?

  • Cock-socket

    Loved the game… Very easy but liked the idea… More if this please…

  • gaurav

    AT the end , you will have to set the right wheel first , then middle one and then left one and once more set the right one
    All three wheels will light up and then door will open and grandpa with his dog will show up

  • D–annaWR.

    how do you do the 3-wheel puzzle it is sooo hard !!!!!

  • tChoy

    i solve the game with out any cheat!!!..(-:

  • Nicole

    i made it to the end and aligned the knobs but the door didnt open……..help