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Game Gripper for the Nokia N900; Grip it like you’re playing it

If you’ve ever played a game on the Nokia N900 for more than a couple minutes, you’d know that the whole experience could definitely be a bit better. Especially for all those emulators we love.

Enter the Game-Gripper. Basically, a slide-on gaming keyboard for the N900, it highlights certain keys that you’ll be using for gaming, making the N900 much easier to hold. It goes without saying that, the GameGripper only works on apps that have a customizable keyboard option.

Unfortunately though, it isn’t a very cheap solution. But hey, if you’re the hardcore gamer type, it’s $14.95 and you can get it from their store.

Here’s a video of the Game-Gripper in action:

Yeah. I want that for no apparent reason whatsoever.