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The Nokia N97 Mini gets a Firmware Update to v12.0.110

The Nokia N97 Mini got a firmware update today, to version 12.0.110. It’s previous firmware was v11.0.045 .

(Note: The previous version 20.0.016 firmware for the N97 Mini turned out to be a fault with Nokia’s Software Updater Site)

The N97 Mini does have UDP (User Data Preservation), so while its always a good idea to backup all your data before the firmware update, none of your programs or data should be affected with the update.

Remember you can update using the N97 Mini’s OTA (Over-The-Air) feature, or if you prefer you can download Nokia’s Software Updater application to update your N97 Mini on your windows PC. Right now the Update seems to be only available via NSU.

(Note: From what we’ve heard, the Firmware update is only available via NSU right now (not Ovi Suite) and sometimes takes a couple days before it gets OTA)

If there’s no new firmware detected for your device yet, it might be because it hasnt reached your region product code yet, or maybe your device is carrier branded. It should roll out to all product codes eventually though.

No Official Changelog yet. We’ll update this post when we find one.

Have you updated your N97 Mini yet ? Notice anything new with the firmware update that we might have missed ? Do let us know in the comments y’all !

[Much Thanks to @Gauravh1 for the tip and Image]

  • Jstockto2000

    what product code is your n97 mini? Mine is a UK unbranded, but still showing v11 in software updater as the most up-to-date.

  • Trond

    Updated from firmware v10 directly to v12. For some stupid reason v11-0-045 was not released in Norway.
    The phone seem much more stable and quicker after the update.
    The phone also seems to use the ring-tone which is assigned in the profile instead of sometimes reverting back to the original Nokia tune.
    Probably some of this issues where allready fixed in v11? Anyway, I haven't discovered any flaws, seamingly they have made small changes to color elements. Ie when bringing up the numeric dial it now has a white background.

  • Trond_70

    I had to change my product code from Norwegian to Scandinavian :0585083 with the NSS kit
    to be able to download it.
    For some unknown reason the operators in Norway is extremely slow in approving
    the firmware updates and v10 is the latest approved.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Siddhant-Kankaria/1207218797 Siddhant Kankaria

    Updated mine yesterday.
    The update, although showed to be around 1mb in size, consumed around 20mb in my internal memory.
    any idea on how to free my internal memory (other than clearing the cache..)..??

  • http://zomgitscj.com/ Clinton Jeff

    Yikes. No idea why that might have happened there. Nokia Messaging is usually the culprit to hogging up internal memory. How much memory do you have free now?

  • B82846

    Try RAMblow – from getjar.com or google it – it finds out what applications are running in the background and kills them so freeing up memory (RAM). Some applications will be running without you realising it. It acts as a kind of Task Manager.

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