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Nokia Comes with Music rebranded “Ovi Music Unlimited”; Launches in India

Two big pieces of news just hit the scene y’all. First up, apparently Nokia got bored of the “Comes with Music” name and since they like renaming things so much, have rebranded it to “Ovi Music Unlimited“.

This is just part of the new changeover of the Nokia Music Store to the Ovi Music Store. Which has happened to the Ovi Music Store India today too.


Also worth noting, is that apparently Ovi Music Unlimited is now available in India !


No word on which devices it’s launching with, or how you can get your hands on a Ovi Music Unlimited license, but hey it’s here !


Check out more about Ovi Music Unlimited over on the Ovi Music Store India.

All I can say is, about time Comes with….. I mean…. Ovi Music Unlimited came to India. Not quite sold on the name though. What do y’all think of the new “Ovi Music Unlimited” name ? Better than the old “Comes with Music” ?