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Ovi Maps Loader for Nokia N900 now available

Thanks our friends over at MaemoItalia.com we’ve come to know that Nokia has (finally) released a Map loader for Ovi Maps on the Nokia N900.

If you’re a frequent reader, you’d know that one of our minor complaints about GPS on the Nokia N900, was that there was no way to pre-load the Maps into the device.

Well now there is !

Using Nokia Map Loader, you can pre-load your country’s maps into your Nokia N900 using a compatible PC, and save on data transfer costs from having to manually download it on your device.

You can get Maps Loader (27Mb) for the Nokia N900 over on Nokia USA.

Keep in mind, Ovi Maps for Maemo still doesnt have Voice Guidance and a couple features that are on the Symbian version though.

  • Astroche

    Are you try it? Because for me is no functional, and on europe Nokia site i find same screen.

    • http://zomgitscj.com/ Clinton Jeff

      It worked fine for my N900 Astroche :) Just make sure you start Ovi Maps on your N900 and let it connect to the Internet atleast once, before you try using Map Loader.
      Something about Ovi Maps creating files and what not.

  • http://tuxrunner.com/ CJM

    Classic. They have Windblows and Macintrash versions of the app… but even though the N900 runs Linux itself, there's no desktop Linux version of this map loader app.

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  • Will

    I have only Ubuntu Linux computers, no MS Windows ones. Can I load OVI maps onto the N900 from my Ubuntu Linux PC? If so, how?

  • http://zomgitscj.com/ Clinton Jeff

    No way that I know of yet Will. So far Maps Loader only works on Windows unfortch.

  • hotzigetty

    It doesnt seem to be working!

  • belero

    here a nice video of nokia n900 with ovi maps http://www.ciaomondo.it/video%20ovi%20maps%20n900

  • eld00rad00

    When i want to download country maps to my n900 phone by map loader this msg appears on screen : you have connected at least one phone in mass storage mode,reconnect ur phone and select pc suit mode. but when i reconnect it and choose pc suit mode it says you should select mass storage mode !!! what should i do for connecting my phone and downloading country maps and voices? ?

  • ranroy21q

    Not working for me either.

  • sureshkumar

    I need to know, how to connect ovi maps from nokia n900. Is it need any gprs connection or any other connections? can you please tell to me

  • Sense

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