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Nokia 5233 : Black vs White Color Comparison Pictures

Just a quick post here, because I figured it might come in useful for some.

If you’re in the market for a Nokia 5233 and cant decide on a Black or White version, here’s a couple comparison pictures of both version side-by-side.

Both devices are exactly the same, color being the only difference.

First up, Retail packing contents :

Nokia 5233 Review

Both devices come with the same accessories in-box. The White 5233 though, comes with a white headset and a Blue Plectrum lanyard cable, while the Black 5233 comes with a black headset, and dark grey Plectrum lanyard cable.

Nokia 5233 Review

Front View :

Nokia 5233 Review

The White 5233 has a silver outline to it, while the front faceplate is white. The keys below the touchscreen are grey on white.

Nokia 5233 Review

The Black 5233 though, has a dark mocha outline to it, while the front faceplate is black. The keys below the touchscreen are grey on black.

Back View :

Nokia 5233 Review

The Back of the white 5233 is silver with a silver stylus.

Nokia 5233 Review

While the back of the black 5233 is black with a black stylus.

Top View :

Nokia 5233 Review

Left View :

Nokia 5233 Review

Bottom View :

Nokia 5233 Review

Right View :

Nokia 5233 Review


So that’s basically it.

Nokia 5233 Review

You’ve seen both the Black and White versions of the Nokia 5233. Which color do you like ? Do let us know in the comments section below y’all !

  • ankit kalra

    boss,pics of blak handset r nt clear ..

  • sagar

    i wud prefer white !!!!!

  • http://Orkut Ankit

    killer look phone.

  • http://Www.divyesh.com Divyesh

    Can i buy 5233

  • http://Www.divyesh.com Divyesh

    What problem of 5233 phone

  • rahul

    must phone he re what is its price in ajirpa

  • Yippie

    I bought a White 5233

  • superGeek

    hey anyone here knows about whether this phone got a pen stylus or not with all 5230 and 5233 confusion its really confusing

    • Varunsweet001

      yes dis z having a gud stylus

  • http://zomgitscj.com/ Clinton Jeff

    Hey there ! It does have one stylus that comes as part of the back panel, but that's it. There's also a plectrum-lanyard cable thing that can be used as a sort-of stylus also.

  • http://Gmail Karan

    A with wow feature

  • http://Gmail Karan

    A phone with wow feature

  • lrnxe

    i bought the black 5233 because it is only the available color, but i really want the white one.

  • http://Www.vamshi.guru.com Sri harsha nannem

    5233 is Good phone white &red color

  • vaishak

    am going to buy a white one!!

  • ash

    black is good

  • inder

    depends on ones indvidual choice

  • harsh


  • Akshith

    Yet to buy this phone and if i’m buying i’ll prefer white because white is Cooool yar . .

  • Blkrdhaliwal

    i like white

  • U72919@gmail.com

    i wud prefer white……… itz so trendy

  • Hussain

    White one is more cool than black.

  • Ajayrwt88

    black one is good

  • Aditya

    black is rely hott!!!!!

    • Chavanhemant

      are black falutu ahe white is best…………………… pagal

  • 1988wassupp

    white one is good but back cover shud b black

  • Jaspreet Singh

    black is perfect

  • Kirandraut

    black beauty

  • sherrydanger94

    i ve bought Black

  • Prajit

    white is better….

  • Amitc1849

    Black or white does't matter. Nokia is best

  • prem

    black super

  • Barsha

    I like the color black. It has a classy touch….

  • Aakriti_dcool

    white the mast

  • fred

    I bought a 5233 and the back cover does not have the stylus compartment and neither a stylus is included in the package! Why the heck does this phone (in the review) have one? Could I get a back cover with the pen compartment?

  • http://zomgitscj.com/ Clinton Jeff

    Thats weird Fred. Are you sure it’s the 5233? How did you manage to put your Sim card in/out without a stylus tho?

  • fred

    Where I bought it (an authorized Nokia center) put the sim there with a pen cap I think. Maybe in Europe they offer it with the stylus?

  • http://zomgitscj.com/ Clinton Jeff

    That’s really strange there Fred. Because all the variants of the 5230 (the 5233 and 5235) all ship with the same back panel, with the stylus lol. Is yours operator branded by any chance?

  • S Jumani

    nice phone

  • Khuzema_cool2002

    fantastic mobile 5233 nokia……………

  • Kiran

    i liki white

    • Kinshukl

      ya …really yaar bahut cute ph hai ………?

  • Sherry

    black has dark themes which are battery saver …………………… but still u can flash black firmware on white ……!!

  • Abishasabir

    If you’re in the market for a Nokia 5233 and cant decide on a Black or White version, here’s a couple comparison pictures of both version …

  • naqeeb cena

    i am going buy white 2morrow

  • Rahul

    Rahul 10 days later

  • Rahul12995

    i like black color

    • Chavanhemant

      white is best
      black are paltu……….

  • http://jokeandsms.com Dakshim

    White are for those… who want luxurious + royal look,
    whereas Black is gud for College Students (specially. boys)….

    • Chavanhemant

      White are for those… who want luxurious + royal look
      and black for mad people

  • Ahtesham_popal


    • Chavanhemant

      white is best

  • Neha Sihag0

    dis phone is lke shit…..

  • Jaurigue Joshua

    I would Prefer To buy the Black one Im so obsessed with this phone!!
    But ive Already watched the review And Discussions nice vids Budd Keeep up the good work! ill buy nokia 5233 before the month of march ends! :)

  • guest

    the black is awesome..the white one looks great but becomes yellow after usng it..

  • Tvakhiltv

    stupid white……go 4 black!!

    • Al_khaizar

      i like sky blue

  • Pruthvirajkhandake005

    i line white one

  • Jinto James.J

    I like the black 5233!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sim

    i’m buying this phone today..but i’m still confused which one to buy… BLACK OR WHITE…!!!!

  • sim

    i took chrome black….frnds der r 3options in nokia 5233: white silver, black grey and chrome black…the 3rd one is way 2 bettr dan d 1st 2….ty…

  • Kritika141

    i m 2 confused wht to do…hv black or white…suggest me sum plz….

    • Diyapri

      d black is gud if ur capable of making it dirty or spoil it…n maybe it may change its colour upon usage too…..so i suggest a black one…n SERIOUSLY black is sexxaaayyyyy!!=]

  • shiv

    i like a hotest black 5233.


    I LIKE WHITE COLR IN MOBILE NOKIA 5233……………….03004312050

  • Praveen Sahoo389

    Hey clinton can you please tell the price of nokia 5233 at Delhi. Because i am an Engineering student in  Delhi College of Engineering. Presently i have returned to Bhubaneshwar so i want to buy a smart phone  under 6500.
     So if u can tell the price of nokia 5233 an delhi then i will compare the price of it with the price in Bhubaneshwar. Here it costs 6250INR. If in Delhi it will cost less, then when i will return to my college i will purchase the mobile. So please kindly help.
    Just tell me if the cost of nokia 5233 is less than the price in Bhubaneshwar(Orissa)



  • Zarinkhan59

    hhhhuuuummmmmmmmmmm  not so bad but agr cost 3000 se kam hoti to maza aa jata 

  • Aravind07

    Yep gud phone! Interestingly i brought one 5233 shiny black second hand for rs 3500! Its good
    but i prefer 2 put the Nokia silicone cover cc-1003 to it which suits d best! Not only dat i brought one Nokia WH-205 headset! Itz sound is really smart ! Especially  wen u put d bassbooster as d equaliser!
    a small problem in d sound as it is a little bit crackin..! any body pls help me 2 solve d problem! My phone is  “UNDER WARRANTY”!

  • vinod

    nice mobile

    • Last_samari888

      i’ll also buy one nokia 5233…

  • siddharth

    hey frnzz wch is colour is nyc white or black…nd wat is d price in dese days of dis mobile

  • hasan love

    sab se ghatia mobail hai ye instoll mai phon memory kam ho jati hai memory mai karo tabbhi

  • hasan love

    i hate this mobail nokia 5233

  • ASD


  • Chaudhry Shahbaz

    Dear’s all black is black

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